Welcome to the Etna Sonification Project Website

Data sonification experiments have been carried on by the Musica Inaudita sound laboratory of the University of Salerno (Italy), in collaboration with the Catania INFN Section and the TRAC (Technologies and Research for Contemporary Arts) project. Sonified data (provided by the INGV) were geophysical data collected by a digital seismograph placed on the Etna volcano in Catania (Italy).

The sonification package has been written in Java and run on INFN GRID. Sonified data were geophysical signals (Mt. Etna volcano activity) collected by a digital seismograph. Data sonification is becoming one of the most versatile and precious diagnosis tool, in several fields: data analysis, support to visual data inspection, education. The sonification architecture deleloped is open and flexible. Its design includes a powerful and customizable audio synthesis engine, and a Digital Fourier Transform (DFT) algorithm which is able to write the results as ASCII file to disk, ready to be plotted, processed with an automatic parser or simply collected into a database.